King Kong

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King Kong Original 1933 Argentine Movie Poster
Date 1933
Country Argentina
Size Poster (29x43)*
Condition Fine (Framed) [?]

Stone litho image f/ Schoedsack, Cooper classic w/ Wray & Armstrong. Note: Like all Argentine posters, this poster is undated. It does not have an RKO logo leading some to describe it as a 1940's re-release. We feel strongly that it is from the first release in 1933 for the following reasons. 1. Most Argentine posters use the artwork from contemporaneous releases; re-releases usually have different art. 2. This poster was acquired as part of a collection of over 12,000 Argentine posters which included examples of all of the known KING KONG releases, leading us to conclude this poster must date from 1933.



King Kong, 1933


  • Merian C. Cooper
  • Ernest B. Schoedsack
  • Fay Wray
  • Robert Armstrong
  • Bruce Cabot
  • Frank Reicher
  • James Ashmore Creelman
  • Ruth Rose
  • Merian C. Cooper
  • Edgar Wallace
  • USA

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*Condition may vary

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