Anatomy of a Movie Poster: The Work of Dawn Baillie

March 15, 2024

Our friends at Poster House are recognizing the 40 year career of designer Dawn Baillie, founding partner of BLT Communications, with a new exhibition The Anatomy of a Movie Poster, which opens today and runs through September 8. Read an interview with Baillie, The Designer Who Makes Movie Posters Worthy of Museums (NY Times), and see some of her work on this companion page.

The Silence of the Lambs

Dawn Baillie / Ken Regan / Lee Varis / Kevin Stapleton

Original 1991 U.S. one sheet poster.

"It came to me that I could illustrate 'Silence' if Clarice was the 'lamb' and the moth—or the bad guys—is what has left her without the right words, I think the poster works in showing vulnerability, strangeness and eeriness." -Dawn Baillie

Dirty Dancing


Original 1987 U.S. one sheet poster.

The Truman Show

BLT / Steven Stewart / Melinda Sue Gordon / Robert Cameron

Original 1998 U.S. one sheet poster.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Drew Struzan / Dawn Baillie / Lance Anderson

Original 1989 U.S. one sheet poster

Little Miss Sunshine

BLT / Doug Tomich / Eric Lee

Original 2006 U.S. one sheet poster.

The Royal Tenenbaums

BLT / Richard Avedon / James Hamilton / Alon Amir

Original 2001 U.S. one sheet poster

Sleepless in Seattle

BLT / Timothy White

Original 1993 U.S. one sheet poster.

Blue Is the Warmest Color


Original 2013 U.S. one sheet poster.


BLT / Frank W. Ockenfels III

Original 2001 U.S. one sheet poster.

Out of Sight

BLT / Concept Arts / Merrick Morton

Original 1998 U.S. one sheet poster.

Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

BLT / Jeroen de Waal

Original 2014 U.S. one sheet poster.

Inherent Vice

BLT / Steven Chorney / Suren Galadjian / Doug Tomich

Original 2014 U.S. one sheet poster.

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood

BLT / Steven Chorney / Jeroen de Waal / Suren Galadjian

Original 2019 U.S. one sheet poster.