April Update

April 1, 2022

250 new posters added this month! Here are some of the highlights, browse them all here.

Last Year at Marienbad


Original 1961 German A1 poster by Tostman. Rare two-sided poster with different artwork on each side.

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Ultra-rare original 1970 U.S. one sheet poster.

Donkey Skin

Lee J. Reedy

Original 1975 U.S. one sheet poster by Lee J. Reedy.


Sam Smith

Original 2010 re-release U.S. one sheet poster by Sam Smith.

Red Rocket

Steven Chorney

Original 2021 U.S. one sheet poster by Steven Chorney.


Pascal Witaszek

Original 2021 French petite poster by Pascal Witaszek.

Drive My Car

Original 2021 French petite poster.

Drive My Car

Original 2021 Italian locandina poster.


Original 2006 French petite poster.

Funeral Parade of Roses

Setsu Asakura

Original 1969 Japanese B2 poster by Setsu Asakura.


Original 2003 German A1 poster.

Punch-Drunk Love

Original 2002 Japanese B1 poster. Rare size!

After Hours

Original 1985 Japanese B2 poster.

Pauline at the Beach

Original 1983 U.S. one sheet poster.


Sam Smith

Original 2013 re-release U.S. one sheet poster by Sam Smith.

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Original 1976 French moyenne poster, pictures Pasolini.

Sweet Movie

Original 1974 U.S. mini poster.

Vivre Sa Vie

Hans Hillmann

Original 1970 re-release German A1 poster by Hans Hillmann.

The Little French Girl

Original 1925 U.S. insert poster.

Marilyn Monroe

Waldemar Świerzy

Polish commercial poster by Waldemar Świerzy.

Sullivan's Travels

Original 1980s Japanese B2 poster.

The Band Wagon

Original 1953 U.S. insert poster.

Magical Mystery Tour

Peter Rauch

Original 1974 re-release U.S. mini poster by Peter Rauch.


Doug Johnson

Original 1980 U.S. one sheet poster by Doug Johnson.

Nightmare Alley

Original 2022 U.S. one sheet poster.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Original 2022 U.S. one sheet poster.

Ex Machina

Original 2014 U.S. one sheet poster.