Watch: MUBI Picks at Posteritati with Sean Price Williams and Nick Pinkerton

February 27, 2024

Watch the latest episode of MUBI Picks at Posteritati with celebrated cinematographer Sean Price Williams and prolific film critic Nick Pinkerton, the writing-directing team behind The Sweet East. As the film plays in theaters nationwide, they stopped by Posteritati to share some of their favorite movie posters. The full 5 minute episode is available on Youtube and Instagram.

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Original 1968 Italian locandina poster.

Robert Bresson L'Integrale

Raymond Savignac

Original 2000 French grande poster by Raymond Savignac.

Collections privées

Michel Landi

Original 1979 French moyenne poster by Michel Landi.

Immoral Tales

Original 1970s re-release French moyenne poster.

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