MUBI Picks of the Week

September 17, 2022

A riotous coming-of-age comedy from acclaimed artist Martine Syms, The African Desperate is in theaters now! MUBI's picks this week are films from the Syms curated series now playing at BAM.

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The African Desperate

Special—Offer / MUBI

Original 2022 U.S. one sheet f/ Martine Syms's new film, now playing at the Quad and BAM.


Original 1999 U.S. one sheet poster.

Happy Together

Original 1997 Japanese B5 chirashi flyer.

Party Monster

Original 2003 U.S. one sheet poster.

Girl 6

Original 1996 U.S. one sheet poster.

Working Girls

Original 1987 U.S. one sheet poster.


Original 2006 French petite poster.