October Update

October 6, 2023

292 new posters in our October update!

Here are some highlights, browse all of our latest acquisitions here.

The Exorcist

Ultra-rare original 1974 black and white one sheet.

The Exorcist III

Original 1990 U.S. one sheet poster.


Original 1998 re-release British quad poster.


Original 1960s re-release French grande poster.


Original 1980s promo mask f/ Eraserhead midnight screenings.

Titicut Follies

Ultra-rare 1967 U.S. one sheet poster f/ Frederick Wiseman's debut feature.


Roger Kastel / Tony Seiniger

Original 1975 U.S. one sheet poster by Roger Kastel / Tony Seiniger.

Apocalypse Now

Bob Peak

Original 1979 German A1 poster by Bob Peak.

Rosemary's Baby

Original 1968 16mm poster.

Dawn of the Dead

Rare 1979 Cinema 5 one sheet in unfolded condition.


Original 1977 U.S. one sheet poster.


Original 1978 Japanese B2 poster.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Original 1974 Japanese B2 poster.

The Fog

Original 1980 U.S. one sheet poster.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Original 1976 U.S. half subway poster.


Original 1976 U.S. one sheet poster.

Andy Warhol's Dracula

Ken Barr

Original 1974 U.S. one sheet poster by Ken Barr.

Horror of Dracula

Mario Piovano

Original 1970 re-release Italian locandina poster by Mario Piovano.

Young Frankenstein

Jerzy Flisak

Original 1974 Polish B1 poster by Jerzy Flisak.

Young Frankenstein

Original 1974 French scene cards, 16 different cards available.

Sugar Hill

Original 1974 U.S. one sheet poster.

Forbidden Planet

Original 1964 re-release Italian double fotobusta poster.


Original 1949 re-release U.S. one sheet poster.

Killer's Kiss

Original 1955 U.S. one sheet poster.

The Night of the Hunter

Original 1981 Japanese B2 poster.

The Glass Key

Roger Soubie

Original 1942 French moyenne poster by Roger Soubie.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Original 1990 French scene cards, 12 different cards available.

The Evil Dead

Original 1983 Italian locandina poster.

Army of Darkness

Enzo Sciotti

Original 1993 Italian locandina poster by Enzo Sciotti.



Original 1989 Italian locandina poster by Spataro.

Bad Taste

Original 1989 Italian locandina poster.


Enzo Sciotti

Original 1987 Italian locandina poster by Enzo Sciotti.

Blood Simple

Enzo Sciotti

Original 1985 Italian locandina poster by Enzo Sciotti.

They Live

Sandro Symeoni

Original 1989 Italian locandina poster by Sandro Symeoni.

They Came from Within

Original 1976 Italian locandina poster.


Original 1997 French scene card, six different cards available.


Original 1982 Italian locandina poster.


Original 1977 Spanish B1 poster.


Original 2018 Italian foglio poster, locandina also available.

Peeping Tom

Original 1990s re-release French half grande poster.

Elevator to the Gallows

Original 1958 French moyenne poster.

Donkey Skin

Lee J. Reedy

Original 1975 U.S. one sheet poster by Lee J. Reedy.

El Topo

Original 1960s re-release Italian due fogli poster.


Original 1981 Italian locandina poster.

Funny Games

Original 1997 German A1 poster.

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Original 2005 British quad poster.


Original 1999 British quad poster.

Get Out

Original 2017 French grande poster.


Original 2022 Russian B1 poster.

What Doesn't Float

Carson Foley

Original 2023 U.S. one sheet poster by Carson Foley, signed by Pauline Chalamet, Rachel Walden, Luca Balser, and Roger Howarth. Only 15 available.